Friday, 16 October 2020

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“True Grit”

2,000/1,700m Row*

For time

*At the 1-minute mark, begin:

Death by Thrusters (95/63)

With a running clock start the row. At the 1-minute mark, get off the rower, do one thruster, and resume rowing until the 2-minute mark. At that point, get off the rower, do two thrusters, and resume rowing until the 3-minute mark, do three thrusters, etc. until the 2K row is complete – or until you can no longer continue.

WOD courtesy of CrossFit Mayhem

Compare to Friday, 12 July 2019



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. Matt Smith says

    1,742/52 @55lbs

  2. Ron Sage says

    1842 m
    91 thrusters – 45lb @ 22.75”

  3. Henry Smith says

    1,606rx 42 thrusters
    7 damper
    Row little harder next time and work on less thruster pauses.

  4. Wade Bietz says

    1506/34 started good, 24s/m held breath on thrusters 5 up lungs died

  5. White Ape says

    Disappointed in myself. :/
    1949m/45 thrusters Rx
    I was 51m shy of finishing. I broke up the 9 thrusters and I had 3 rounds where I put the handle up before the turn of the minute. I CANNOT do either of those two things!!

  6. Kyle Kirkpatrick says

    1557m/36 @ 75#

    First week back after knee surgery. Should do much better in future when better conditioned.

  7. megancyork says

    1386/36 Rx.
    Got 100 more meters with 8 more thrusters.
    I liked the breathing pace I held.
    Thrusters felt heavy.

  8. 1589m/65 thrusters Rx
    I honestly don’t know how to finish this WOD. :-/
    I got 3m more than last time and had to do 11 extra thrusters.
    I was a puddle on the floor after this and I’m shot now.
    Didn’t break thrusters up until round of 10.
    Damper on low 5.

  9. I ❤️ seeing everyone post on the website. 🙂

  10. 1414 /54 Thrusters RX. Had technical difficulties with rower so had to start over after the first minute. Worse than last score. Really want to redo but also don’t want to redo!!
    Damper on 7, then reduced to 6/7.

  11. 1319/78 @32#
    Wished I would have pulled harder on the row. One day I’ll have a droppable thruster load. Needed someone to yell at me!

  12. Embraced the suck for 1290 m + 53 thrusters @ 35#

  13. Michelle Milstead says

    1230m/54 thrusters @21

  14. 1882 meters
    55 thrusters (60)
    Need to pull harder and more consistent on minutes 6,7,8
    Less rest before starting thrusters, especially later minutes

  15. Deborah Denton says

    55 Thrusters @21#

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