Saturday, 03 October 2020

MP CrossFit Nutrition Challenge and Fitness Challenge starts Oct 12th!  Contact Coach Jimmy or Coach Sarah for more info.


3 sets:

0:30 Noes and toes wall handstand hold

0:30 Rest

10 Scapular push-ups

0:30 Rest

0:30 Hollow hold

0:30 Rest



Partner WOD, equal work each exercise


10 Bar to chest pull-ups

16 Alternating pistols

25ft x 2 Handstand walk

16 Cal row

10 Ring dips


8 rounds for time



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. Teamed up with Ryan! We finished at 31:12
    Ryan was Rx’d and mods for me were: b2c pull-up progression, pistol progression, HS walk was one rotation around the box, blue band on ring dips.

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