Wednesday, 30 September 2020


Skill Work:

3 rounds:

0:30 Work to hold chin over bar in hollow hold

0:30 Rest

10 Scapular pull-ups

0:30 Rest

10 Standing band lat pull downs

0:30 Rest



0:30 to perform 4 strict pull-ups (keeping hollow hold as best as possible)

0:30 Rest

0:30 Max calories biked

0:30 Rest


7 rounds for total calories and quality of work on pull-ups



Post results and experiences to comment


  1. Skill work was tough!
    And to follow it up with this CWOD was even tougher!!

    I was successful holding the chin over bar all three rounds, except the last second of round three.

    17,14,13,12,12,12,12 = 92

  2. CWOD:
    9,7,6,6,7,6,6 = 47

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