Monday, 13 January 2020

Strong work team for performing all 6 WOD’s in under 6 hours!

Not sure if Congratulations of admittance to the insanity ward is in order?! 🙂

Strength & Conditioning:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Front Squats*

10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100 Double Unders


For Quality and Time

*Perform 10 FSQ/10 DU’s. Now 9 FSQ/20 DU’s… and so on. Squat cleaning first rep is allowed.

Weights at each rep count:

10 & 9: 50-55% 1RM clean

8 & 7: 60-65%

6 & 5: 70-75%

4 & 3: 80-85%

2 & 1: 90+%



Quad smash

Reclined spinal twist

Couch stretch

Calf smash



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. megancyork says

    Scaled the weight and did singles
    Max lift in the wod was 105 working on getting comfortable in that squat clean. It felt good today.

  2. I really liked this wod. Slowed way down and scaled the weight way back. Ended at 93# (66%). Did SU instead of DU.
    I was around 15 minutes. Feeling really confident catching cleans in the squat though.

  3. 16:15 mod 63-73-83-93# (up to 65% clean)
    10-15-20-25….55 DU
    Squat cleans felt great
    Loved this WOD but was recovering from Saturday want to redo Rx later

  4. White Ape says

    I rested on this day from the absolutely crazy/stupid idea “someone” had on Saturday to complete all 6 WOD’s from KO in the OK comp…in under 6 hours!!!!

    Norka and Sarah….YOU ARE NUTS!!!!

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