Saturday, 11 January 2020

Reminder: If you are planning to stay the whole time, it will be completed around 1400-1430. If you plan to just WOD at the normal class time, that will be just fine. 🙂


KO at MP 6-person Team competition

(WOD’s courtesy of KO in the OK)

We will be perform the “Scaled Division” WOD’s

There will be a 30-45 minute rest period between each WOD.

WOD 1: (18:00 cap)

“Meet you in the middle”


WOD 2: (10:00 cap)

“Clusters and Team Tri”


WOD 3: (15:00 cap)

“Deceiving Synchronized Skills”


WOD 4: (17:00 cap)

“What a Drag” (variation do to lack of equipment)*

60-48-36 Pull-ups

100-100-100 Double Unders

60′ Wheelbarrow

*The other team members will perform the row as prescribed


WOD 5: (15:00 cap)

“Synchronized DT”


WOD 6: (14:00 cap)

Silver Scaled Final



Post results and experiences to comments



  1. Coach has all the scores. We did all 6 WODs from 0900 until 1500 and OMG!
    Dead!! But SO much fun! Thanks for that setup Coach.
    Team KO@MP you guys all killed it. I’d be honored to be on your team again ANYTIME!!❤️
    Now it’s time for me to eat food and nap for like 3 days.

    Awesome job to everyone today!

  2. White Ape says

    Totally agree Coach Sarah! Strong work team!!
    We did great! Especially considering we never practiced any of these before today! Strong GPP!!!
    And I am TOAST!

    In calculating this scores, I assume it is 1 second added per rep not completed at the cap. Some of these, we decided to finish out the whole WOD, even after hitting the cap.

    WOD 1:
    1A: Norka/Daniel/Ape (top down) – 41 reps shy of finish (18:41)
    1B: Christa/Sarah/ Burris (Bottom up) – 117 reps shy of finish (19:57)

    ~20-minute rest

    WOD 2:
    2A: 325 (Sarah-105, Norka-105, Christa-115)
    2B: 515 (Daniel-155, Burris-155, Ape-205)
    2C: 380 calories

    ~30-minute rest

    WOD 3:
    Teams and order were:
    Sarah/Ape, Christa/Burris, Norka/Daniel
    69 reps shy at cap (16:09)
    Actual finish – 18:57

    ~50-minute rest

    WOD 4:
    We did the variation with the PLU’s, but we did have a drag rope and did the “silver” 75 reps each round.
    Teams were:
    Christa/Norka/Ape (starting with the triplet)
    Sarah/Burris/Daniel (starting on the rower)
    4A: 11:01
    4B: 184 reps shy of finish (9:03 adjusted team time, 20:04 total adjusted time)
    4C: 317 Calories

    ~30-minute rest

    WOD 5:
    Sarah/Ape – 6:57
    Christa/Burris – 8:12 adjusted (9:10 to finish)
    Norka/Daniel – 8:53 to our mandatory 25 minute cap, with 1 round and 1 S2OH remaining

    ~30-minute rest

    WOD 6:
    103 reps shy at cap (15:43 adjusted time)
    (24:18 actual finish)

    This was a LOT of work in a short time!! AWESOME job team!! NTFS….Get a comp spot and have an easier time doing the WOD’s!! HAHA!!

  3. Recording for future self trying to find scores!
    Competing scaled at KO with Grant, Christian, and a few others.
    Wod 1: 15:49 (me, grant, steven), 18:17 (others)
    Wod 2: 395 (females-135/135/125), 575 (males-205(Grant),185 (Christian), 185 (steven)), 460 cals. Got 135 on the cluster complex-my previous 1rm was 135 prior to today!
    Wod 3: 10:58 (grant and I went 3:37)
    Onto day 2, currently in 8th out of 100 teams!

    • Wod 4: 6:56/14:40/427 cals (me/steven/rosie first, Grant/Christian/nadia second)
      Wod 5: 14:00 (partnered with grant)
      Wod 6: 10:23 (I went second-set of 3)

      Ended up tying for 3rd place and losing the tiebreaker (final time). Very proud to have gotten 4/100 teams!

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