Saturday, 28 September 2019

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Partner WOD

15 Synchronized toes-2-bar to begin each round


Wall-ball shots (25/20) @ (10/9′)


Dumbbell devil press (50’s/35’s)


For time

Partners perform 15  synchronized t2b, do a total of 50 wb shots (equal work), then do 25 devil presses (one athlete will do one rep more than the other), and then begin round two with 15 toes-2-bar, followed by 40 wbs and 20 devil presses. Continue until complete.



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. 28:11 mod with Christa
    Used 25# DB and 16# WB

    Worked on thrusters and DL after with coach Jimmy and coach Sarah
    3 thrusters @ 85%
    3 DL @ 85%

  2. 27:54 Rx with Coach
    Devil Presses are soul crushing.
    Apologies to HZ members who may have thought I was getting murdered in the gym today. I wasn’t! 🙂

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