Wednesday, 25 September 2019

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“Battle Buddy”

20 Tire Flips (210/175)

30 meter Shuttle Runs x 4

80 Buddy Push-ups

100 meter Buddy Carry

100 Double Unders

80 Wall-Ball Tosses @ 5m (20/14)

40 Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups

20 Tire Flips


1.5 rounds for time*


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Compare to Wednesday, 10 February 2016

*Complete one full round, then do half of each exercise again.


This is a Partner WOD. Each “buddy” must complete exactly half of each exercise. Tire flips and shuttle runs are to be alternated.



Hip Capsule

Overhead w/ External Rotation Bias

Quad Smash



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. 23:45 Rx with Ape (I used guy weights)

  2. 26:02 partner with Ryan
    Rx’ish did not complete all C2B, counted attempts which were successful pull ups because still a little sore

  3. 34:06 partner with Sandy
    Rx-ish for me counted a few C2B attempts

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