Saturday, 24 August 2019

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Strength & Conditioning:

3-person team WOD

With a 15:00 cap, perform the following 2 WOD’s:

“Fast and Heavy”

300 Double unders

100 Alternating DB snatches (50/35)

30/20 Bar muscle-ups


For time

…then with time remaining…

Snatch Complex*

Snatch + Hang Snatch

For team total

*Each team member must find a 1-RM of the complex


…rest 5:00, then…

Team runs 2001m with (70/40)

For time


Teams will carry a sandbag or equivalent. Handing off from team mates as needed.



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. Partner with Boone and Steve
    I scaled my workout with pull ups instead of muscle ups
    355# team snatch
    15:24 partner run with 70#

    Wodapalooza 9 min amrap WOD 75# snatch, ohs, and 30 dubs with increasing reps of 3 per rd on the lifts, got 4 ohs into the round of 12

  2. WW4P
    8:39 Scaled
    284# snatch
    S&N 93#
    C 98#

    Run: 13:37 w/ 40#

  3. WZA: cap at round of 9 + 15 reps into round of 12

  4. RhondaMomma says

    Team Robert/Tolise/Rhonda
    261 # Total Snatch weight

    16:32 Run ( I think)
    40# Backpack
    Thank you Robert for taking on all the uphill portions of the Tolise, you were really booking it girl!

  5. WZA WOD1: 1 HPS into round of 18, Rx

  6. megancyork says

    Dropped in at Tongass Fitness in Juneau today.
    We did Annie
    8:47 scaled

    Then a ROMWOD.
    It was so nice!

  7. White Ape says

    Main WOD:
    Team Nic-Bur-Ape:
    Part 1 – 8:28 Rx
    Part 2 – 155-155-175 = 485
    Each of us lifted to a good load and then shut it down as to not push it too much.
    Part 3 – 12:42 Rx

    Post main WOD:
    2019 WZA online qualifier WOD 1:
    262 reps Rx
    Felt good. Didn’t push it too hard bc shoulders aren’t quite ready for fast OHS, or high reps.

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