Wednesday, 07 August 2019



30′ Handstand walk

20/18 Calories biked

60′ D-ball high carry (100/80)

10 Alternating dumbbell snatches (75/50)


5 rounds for time



Half straddle

Middle straddle





Post results and experiences to comments


  1. RhondaMomma says

    39:55 Mod
    HSPU w Abmat
    35# Dumbbell
    30# DBall

    That was a lot worse than it looked!

  2. 34:54 scaled with 80# DBall, 50# db, started with shoulder touches for 28 reps then finished with hspu

  3. White Ape says

    26:15 Rx (w/ the “extra”)

  4. megancyork says

    CWOD: 23:42 mod

    80lbs d ball for 3 rounds, heavy but feeling doable
    40 lbs snatches felt good
    HSPU need to start on the wall with two ab mats

    After a terrible surprise…

    Really loved this one though. Sometimes surprise conditioning feels good.

  5. 31:55 Rx with the 800m + 400m surprise run
    I loved this WOD! Great mix of gymnastics skills, conditioning, and moving heavy stuff!
    Successfully did all HS walks unbroken and #roadto50… check. 🙂

  6. 46:32
    Only mod was shoulder touches with belly to the wall did them all unbroken
    Really loved this WOD even with the run included
    Need to work on bike

  7. Christa says

    36:24 mod: HSPU first 2 rounds w/mat. Last 2 with 2 mats, then rounds 3-5 HSHolds 30 seconds.
    Hated it. Also to everyone I saw before I wod’d that was elusive…I thought we were friends. Friends tell friends about outdoor running. Just saying.

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