Saturday, 20 July 2019



Partner WOD

16-32-48-64 rep rounds of:

Wall-ball shots (25/20) @ (10/9′)

8-16-24-32 rep rounds of:

Alternating plank push-ups

4-8-12-16 rep rounds of:

Squat cleans (185/123)

2-4-6-8 rep rounds of:

Rope climbs (15′)




4 rounds* for time

*Instructions: All numbers are team totals. Equal work must be performed on each exercise. Tag between exercises. Only one partner working at a time.

WOD example: Partner A (A), Partner B (B)

3-2-1- GO!, A does 8 WB’s, B does 8 WB’s, and then they move to the PU’s

A and B get into high plank facing each other; Partners tag, A does PU, A and B tag, B does PU, A and B tag. Continue this alternating process until 8 total PU are completed. Then move to Squat cleans.

Partners can break cleans up as desired, as long as equal rep count is performed (total 4 in round 1). Partners tag, and then move to Rope climbs.

Partners can break climbs up as desired, as long as equal rep count is performed (total 2 in round 1). Partners tag, and then move to Sprints.

Sprints are performed with the A sprinting half the distance (200m rd 1), tag B, B then sprints 200m, tags A, and then they begin round 2.

Rep counts go up with each additional round. Once the final 500m sprint is completed, time is called.



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. sflynn says

    49:38, with Coach
    I used 113# bar
    Liked those 20# WBs! Let’s do more of those!
    This was tough coming back from a work trip at 2am last night. :-/

  2. RhondaMomma says

    With Katie
    WB K – 16# M-14#
    83# SQ Clean
    Rope climb to 12’

    Congrats Katie on doing those climbs in a WOD the very first time to try them! Very impressive !
    I’ll remember this WOD for sure! So terrible and nothing was easy. You’re not sure you want to finish the set your working on because that means you have to move to the next awful set of exercises. Quite a mental challenge! Who am I kidding…it was awesome..

  3. Christa says

    I had to leave immediately before the last run and we were almost at 47:00 I did PLU instead of rope climbs.
    Partnered with Tolise. Tolise YOU ARE AMAZING!! Strong work!
    LOVED this wod, wall ball’s and all. Hope to do rope climbs next time!

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