Wednesday, 03 April 2019

Congratulations to Gene Pelizzoni for finishing 2nd in the WORLD in the 2019 CrossFit Games Open for men 80+!!

Strong work Geno!



30 seconds work, 60 seconds rest of:

Wall-ball shots (25/16) @ (11/10)

Kettlebell swings (53/35)



3 rounds for score*

*score is equal to the lowest rep count of each exercise through the 3 rounds, added together.


Front Squat

1-rep max


For max load

Compare to



Couch stretch

Middle straddle

Spine smash



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. darrenandtara says

    Congrats to the baddest man on the planet!!! Mean Gean optimizes functional fitness at any age.

  2. burris says

    Congrats Gene! That’s super awesome!

  3. CWOD: 35 Rx (11/13/11)
    SWOD: 175# (10# PR!)

  4. Cwod: 38
    WB: 11-11-12 (16# to 9”)
    KB: 15-15-15
    B: 12-12-12
    Swod: 170# (30# PR)

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