Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Class schedule for next week: December 24 and 26, 0900 class only; December 25 Closed for Christmas



Pick a MPCF Board WOD

Which ever you picked 2 weeks ago, do the opposite this week!


1000m Row

100 Sledge Swings (10/8)

75 Hand-Release Push-ups

50 Kettlebell Swings (35/25)

25 Pull-ups

…now reverse it!!


For Time

Compare to Monday, 11 March 2013




Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats


For Time

Compare to Friday, 10 May 2013



Twisted Cross – 1:00/side

Hip Capsule – 1:00/side

Quad Smash – 1:00/leg

Sink Stretch – 2:00



Post time or score, and experiences to comments


  1. 1 rd 33 min
    Jumping pu 20 plus 35lb plate
    10 rx hrpu 40 knee hrp 25 knee pu

  2. RhondaMomma says

    15+6 reps RX
    Not a PR but I’m pretty happy with this result.

    NTS break PU early. Started doing all 10 and by round 11 was doing singles
    Also had completed 9 Rnds at 10 min. The PU’s def slowed the pace the second half.

  3. Did this at home.
    Cindy 13+20 Rx. Not my best-coming back from vacay is rough. Agree with Rhonda- need to break up PU from beginning.

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