Saturday, 10 November 2018

Saturday class starts at 0830 this week.


New Proposed “Army Combat Fitness Test”

0:00-5:00 3-Rep Deadlift (max load)

5:00-7:00 Rest

7:00-10:00 Standing Power Throw (10) (max distance)

10:00-13:00 Rest

13:00-15:00 Hand-Release Push-ups (max reps)

15:00-18:00 Rest

18:00-22:00 Sprint, Drag, Carry (for time)

22:00-26:00 Rest

26:00-28:00 Leg Tug (max reps)

28:00-33:00 Rest

33:00-Finish 2-mile Run (for time)


For Score


Deadlift- find a 3 rep max in 5 minutes. Army test requires a trap bar. Use a standard barbell if trap bar is not available.

Standing Power Throw- With back to lane, take a 10# medicine ball and throw as far as possible straight over your head. You have 1 practice and 2 attempts

Hand-release Push-ups- Standard HRPU’s

Sprint, Drag, Carry- All legs of this event are 25m down and 25m back, 50m total. Leg 1, sprint; Leg 2, 90# sled drag; Leg 3, lateral sprint; Leg 4, double KB carry (40#); Leg 5, sprint

Leg Tuck- are performed by hanging from a bar with an alternated grip. Hands touching each other. Start in a straight hang, and without kipping, bring the knees up to touch the elbows. Arms do not remain straight.

2-mile run- run 2 miles for time



Post scores, time, and experiences to comments


  1. DL: 240#
    Ball throw:265”
    HRPU: 28
    Sprint Drag Carry: 2:22
    Leg Tucks 11

    Did 2000m row and 4800m bike in leui of freezing to death.

    Really fun to do the Army PT test! Thanks for the setup Coach!

  2. DL: 340#

    Medball Throw: ✅

    HRPU: 22

    Sprint/Drag/Carry: 1:41

    Leg Tucks: 12

    2k Row/4.8 Bike: ✅

    That was a fun and challenging workout. It was simple, Max effort with plenty of rest. A lot of basics that we have been doing since the dawn of man kind. Pick up something heavy, drag, Carry, throw, sprint/run. Those are good workouts to have in the mix. I look forward to doing something very similar to that again.

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