Monday, 03 September 2018

Fun Saturday WOD supporting “Saved by the Barbell”!

MP CrossFit will be closed Monday for Labor Day. We will be meeting at the Lafortune Stadium by Memorial High School at 0800. Come join the fun!!


“Labor in the Stadium”

4-person Team WOD (2m/2f)*

400m Walking Lunges

100 Kettlebell Swings (72/53)

Bleacher Sprints

100yrd Burpee Broad Jumps

100 Partner Wall-Ball shots over goalpost (20/14)

800m relay sprint


For Time


-If possible, have 2 males (m), and 2 females (f).

-During the lunges, 1m and 1f will rotate every 10 lunges for 100m. Simultaneously, the other m/f pair will one-arm kettlebell farmer carry (72/53). At the 100m mark, pairs rotate, and then continue. Pairs will rotate every 100m. pair performing farmers carry can switch hands as they desire throughout their 100m.

-Kettlebell swings are equal work (25 each). Only one team member ™ can perform swings at a time. While tm is performing KB’s, all other tm’s will hold a low plank. KB’s can only be performed if all tm’s are in the plank position.

-All team members will perform bleachers.

-Once all team members complete bleachers, line up on the goal line. Tm1 will perform 10yds (1-10) of burpee broad jumps, then tm2 performs 10yds (1-10), tm3 10yds (1-10), tm4 10yds (1-10). Now tm1 does 10yds (10-20), tm2 (10-20), tm3 (10-20), and so on until all members cross the opposite end goal line.

-For the partner WBS, partner groups will be same gender. Each pair must perform 50 WBS (25 throws per person). While one pair is performing WBS, the other pair is holding a hollow body position. WBS can only be performed while hollow body hold is being held.

-Once the last WBS is performed, one tm will sprint down to the opposite goal line and back. Tag the next tm, who will then do the same sprint. Continue this until all tm’s have done 1 down and back.



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  1. Fun WOD today! We got all the instructions figured out!

  2. White Ape says

    42:23 Rx
    Team was Sarah, Jaime, Harmon, and me

    Fun WOD friends!!

    Enjoy the rest of the day!

  3. Fun times!

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