Saturday, 31 March 2018

Praise the Lord! The tomb is empty!!

Have a Happy Easter!!




1-mile Run


…then perform…

5 rounds of:

6 Pull-ups

11 Push-ups

16 Squats


…followed by…

3 rounds of:

23 Wall-ball Shots (25/16) @ (10/9′)

20 Unanchored Sit-ups

12 Push Press (115/73)



5 rounds of:

11 D-ball Cleans (100/80)

11 Burpees

11 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)



1000m Row


For Time

*Rx+ version “Carry Thy Cross”, do WOD vested






Post time and experiences to comments

Explanation of the setup and numbers can be found in the comments


  1. In order for there to be a resurrection death has to happen first????

  2. White Ape says

    Here is the meaning to the numbers and setup. You all know I always have a method to my madness. Hehe!

    1. The sum of the run and row are the approximation of the total distance Christ walked from when the soldiers arrested Him, to the cross. The 1000m row specifically repping the estimated distance Christ walked after receiving the cross.
    2. There are 11 exercises representing the 11 Apostles at the time of His resurrection.
    3. Each section has 33 reps per round, His age at death.
    4. The total of reps in each grouping is 165, the estimated weight in # of the cross.
    5. There are 3 sections of 33 reps per round representing April 3,33 A.D., the estimated day of Christ death.
    6. I surrounded the wod with the run and row bc they are cardiovascular exercises, aka “heart related”, where Christ lives in us, and we in Him.

  3. Scaled with 95# pp, 20# wb, 80# dball, and 35# db
    Made it to third round of last set of 5 at 51 minutes but had to leave early. Brutal WOD, props to the ladies and gents wearing their vests on this one!

  4. 46:00, highly modified
    Would love to do this WOD Rx+ sometime when I can push. Was so awesome seeing everyone fight through this today! What a great Saturday! MPers are awesome. ❤️
    Happy Easter!

  5. RhondaMomma says

    First ever Vested WOD (7 lbs)
    Masters weight except 35lb snatch

    This was my kind of Saturday! I know y’all will think I’m crazy but I loved every awesome miserable minute.
    I love the meaning behind this one the most. Keeping that in mind kept me going.

    Great job everyone!
    Happy Easter

  6. darrenandtara says

    T. 79:02. Rx+
    D. Did it Rx.

    I apologize for taking the Lord’s name in vein on multiple occasions.

  7. CourtnieMcKone says

    81:17 rx+

  8. 54:02- mods of 65# PP and 50# Dball, I have never lifted an 80 so I was too nervous to try today.

    That was BRUTAL. All of you vested people were ballers; I loved watching you fight for it! MAYBE next time I’ll attempt it with a vest. Better bring a stretcher for me though.

    Happy Easter!

  9. White Ape says

    65:36 Rx+

    Holy smokies!! That is the toughest, and longest, vested WOD I have done! was 20 minutes LONGER than my vested Murph PR!!

    Awesome job everyone! You pushed through a tough WOD! Rx+’ers, I am super proud of the hardship you chose and bared it through! Before “GO!”, I heard several people say they were gonna “see how far I can make it with the vest, and will shed it off at some point. I don’t think ANY ONE shed theirs off!! Strong work!

  10. Christa says

    66:09 mods 63# bar and 50# Dball.
    Happy Easter and great job everyone!!

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