Saturday, 13 January 2018

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Affiliate name: MP CrossFit

Team name: Ape Nation


Strength & Conditioning:

Partner WOD

100 Wall-ball shots (20/14) @ (10/9′)

40 Calories Rowed

30 cleans (135/95)

80 Wall-ball shots

30 Calories Biked

20 cleans (185/135)

60 Wall-ball shots

200 Double Unders

10 cleans (225/155)


For Time

-Equal work required (as close as possible on calories)

-Must use same bar throughout WOD. If team is co-ed, separate bars are allowed



Spine Smash – 2:00

Anterior Compartment Smash – 1:30/side

Quad Smash – 1:30/side

Glute Smash – 1:30/side



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. White Ape says

    Team “Jammy”
    22:22 Rx
    Good constant movement!

    • CourtnieMcKone says

      Shadowed Jana
      Weights: 85, 105, 125
      NTFS: Probably should have done 95, 115, 135

    • Jana, “ I think my rope is getting caught on something” while she looks for the un even crack in the black mats, or tunrned up tape she hears, Coach say, “ yea…it’s your feet” 🙁

  2. S&M 26:04
    My weights: 85#, 105#, 115#
    We used a 20# WB for VB throws instead of WB. Those got toasty!
    Good times!

  3. RhondaMomma says

    Teamed with Robert
    Me: 53/83/93
    WB throws w 16 lb ball + 12 Burpees

  4. allylegg says

    Team Albecca: 22:20 modified
    Cleans 68, 93, 113
    I think we modified the weights pretty well using my lower percentage and Becca’s higher percentage. Would have broken the last set of cleans up into singles instead of 2,2,1. Other than that, this one was fun!

  5. First day back since my c-section!
    Team Pinkzilla
    My mods: 58/83/108# cleans. Form sucked-still swinging out like my pregnant belly is still there to get around. 10# WB volleys
    Rough welcome back. Not going to be able to walk for a few days.

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