Saturday, 18 November 2017


3-person team WOD*

1200m Sprint

105 Slammers (12/8) @ 2m

90 Calories Rowed

75 Hand-release Push-ups

60 Calories Biked

45 Pull-ups

300 Double Unders


For Time

*equal work required on all exercises


…rest 7:00, then as a team…


12:00 Cap

5-rep max Deadlift

For score (team total)






Post time, score, and experiences to comments


  1. 2 person team 25:25
    153# 5 rep DL

  2. D&T and me. 25:20 Rx
    Back was eh so I didn’t do many DL

  3. Half of The Troop with Manny and Ally: 24:39, Rx
    DL: I got 5@205#

    The Troop has 100% attendance today! #winning #strongworkteam

  4. Mrod+ Little John + Me
    24:34 I think… I did Rx, Mrod modded only to singles, little John modded to banded PLU and singles.

    Team DL #= 713
    I hit 5@173# (87.3% of 1RM)

  5. Other half of The Troop with Brad and Courtnie

    CWOD: 26:14 Rx

    SWOD: Team Total: 913#
    Courtnie: 203
    Brad: 275
    Michael: 435*

    Great work with our team. I’m glad The Troop got to simply put work in together.

    *My Deadlift is lacking. I’m not getting into a good position from the get go. Time to start working accessory movements to strengthen the posterior chain. Engaging the hamstrings/glutes/lower back/lats.

  6. White Ape says

    “Jammy and the Rhondamama”
    22:23 Rx
    We maintained a great pace throughout. Strong work team!!

    Rhonda – 155
    Janimal – 233
    Ape – 465
    Total – 853#

    Great class today! Lots of fun and WOD’n!

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