Wednesday, 01 November 2017


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Push Jerk (135/93)

Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups


For Time



Shoulder Fold – 1:30/side

Twisted cross – 1:30/side

T-spine smash – 2:00



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. Looks like I will get that C2B “practice” in……

  2. 8:34 — Mod – 65# (56%) for PJ’s and did the box/jumping C2B’s. These are a weakness of mine as Jimmy witnessed…. but, happy to be working on them at all. One day I’ll do them without the box.

    Good workout with all the focus on movements beforehand and the progressions.

    NTFS – Focus more on the ‘integrity of the movement’ instead of getting it done, per J’s advice.

  3. 8:52 63# and box C2B (could not consistently hit chest though)
    It was my first time trying to kip today and I got my first pull-up… ever!

  4. Did 6rnds 375m row sprints pre-WOD
    CWOD: lacked 2 C2B at 10min cap because of rip (coming along tho), 53# bar for 21 rep round and 63# bar for other rounds. Work keeping core tight. Did each round of jerks unbroken.

  5. CWOD 8:14 scaled with 95# and pull ups
    Need to keep my core tight when lifting and keep working on my kip

  6. 9:46, Push press instead of jerk (can’t jump on ankle) and regular kipping PLU
    73# on round of 21 and then jimmy took me down to 63# so I could go faster. He told me I needed less weight to go faster and at first I thought he was making a pregnancy fat joke! 😉

  7. darrenandtara says

    9:56 @ 73#

    D. 9:34 Rx Really like the progression work. Next time if I haven’t improved on push jerk form, go down in #. Lots to work on.

  8. Mr. Such says

    Home Grown

    Split Jerk: 4×3 @ 235 80%

    Deadlift: 5×5 @ 80%

    Deficit Deadlift: 4×6 @ 225# pronated grip w/shrug

    Chin up: 4×6

    Ab Rollouts: 4×8

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