Monday, 18 September 2017




Pick one of the following board WODs:

Angie, Cindy, Mary, or Nancy


…rest 10:00, then partner up and perform…


50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds of:

Double Unders



For time

*Equal work. One at a time working.



Right side straddle – 2:00

Left side straddle – 2:00

Center Straddle – 2:00

External Shoulder Rotation – 1:00/side

Internal Shoulder Rotation – 1:00/side



Post WOD chosen, time or score, Annie time, and experiences to comments


  1. Yep. It’s time. Here I come Nancy

  2. Cindy: 13rnds + 9, Rx; next time break PU up 6/4 from beginning
    Annie: S&M: 6:16

  3. Angie
    26:10 Rx
    8:30? Rx

  4. “NANCY”

    14:53 Rx

    Team “Double Duch”
    6:29 Rx

    Could have been faster. I screwed up some dubs and cramped on the first round of sit-ups. My fault Big D

  5. darrenandtara says

    D. Cindy 16+8. Next time SLOW DOWN DUMMY on the first 5 rounds.
    Arms are smoked

    Annie. Team Mr. Super Strechy Such. 6:29. Rx.

  6. CourtnieMcKone says

    11+3 rx

    Hands ripped really bad at minute 10. Should have stopped then.

  7. Nancy: 15:46 Rx

    Partner Annie: 6:36 Rx
    Shadowed Bradley w/ partner Jaime

  8. Muffin Man says

    Mary: 236 or 7+26 Rx
    Partner Annie: 6:04 Rx using my splits as my ghost partner’s time.

  9. Cindy 17+4 rx -would’ve made the board but goatrider beat me by 1 rep! And I ripped my left hand in the process…
    Annie partner with Emma 7:04 rx

  10. Something about Mary 9+15rx

    No second wod for me.
    NTFS plu 6,5,4 for almost all rounds then went 9,6 for two and back to 6,5,4 for the last complete round .

  11. “Cindy”
    22 rounds
    1 complete round PR

    Partnered with Becca:
    6:27 Rx

    Strong work everyone today on board WODs. Several PR’s and some board movers!! Congrats to all!!

  12. “Cindy”
    13 rds + 3 PLUs — think I could’ve gotten one more in but both hands ripped.

    Annie w/ Ape– 6:27 Rx as he said. Not too shabby! Rough workout but worth it!

  13. Nancy 19:19. Slow running but all the sets of OHS were unbroken

  14. Cindy – 13 rds plus 9 reps

    Partnered with T for Annie. 7 something. I slowed us down with my single double single rep scheme.

  15. Nancy- 22:00 Rx. Having some pretty uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions which were aggravated by the hill running so walk-ran most rounds. Did all sets of OHS unbroken though so was happy about that.
    Skipped Annie due to the above.

  16. darrenandtara says

    WOD B: 4:55 Rx
    Annie: Partnered w/V – 7:23 Rx. Fun WOD. V did 3 times the work on her dubs. NTFS – never judge V on dubs in the Open.

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