Wednesday, 06 September 2017


“This is nuts”

9 Thrusters (95/63)

18 Slammer (12/8) @ 2m

400m Run

5 Snatches (135/93)

10 Bar-Over-Burpees

200m Run

3 Clean & Jerk (185/123)

6 Muscle-ups


3 rounds for time

Use one bar, adjust weights as needed

Compare to Wednesday, 14 September 2016



Underneath (Thread the needle) – 1:30/side

Seal Rocks – 2:00

Squatted Seiza – 2:00

Paraformis (Pigeon) – 1:30/side

Diamond Frog – 2:00



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. 27:25, 53#, 63#, 83#, Coach had us do 8PLU/8RDs for MU

  2. 30:00
    through burpees of rd 3
    75, 105, 135
    red band mu

  3. RhondaMomma says

    through 200 m run in Rnd 3
    PLU/Dip for MU

    Great 6:30 am class today!

  4. 28:14
    45# 45# (no… i didn’t follow directions Jimmy…) 75# — 8 PLU+8 RD’s in place of MU’s

    It was super awkward since my snatch is much less than my thruster…. but still, great workout.

  5. Finished the 3rd set of burpees at the time cap

    Mod weight
    22, 32, 52

  6. Scaled 70#, 85#, 125#, 8 plu/ring dip for mu
    Made it 50m into the 200m run of rd 3

  7. darrenandtara says

    Capped after 3rd set of snatches. Rx. Round 2 was awful. Rough off the holidays.

  8. 29:09 Rx

    •Lifts went very well. Powerful, explosive
    •Achilles is feeling much better. First round went well.
    •I can’t hold that first round pace. Holy cow I was exhausted.

  9. 30:00 phew.
    53# thruster, 58# snatch, 83# clean and jerk, 3 unbanded plu & 5 banded plu each round, 8 banded ring dips

  10. 50m left in 400m run on 3rd round at cap. Mod: SU with ab mat for slammers, PLU and banded RDs for MU. Weights 53/73/88#
    So slow on SUs, burpees, and the lifts (being cautious with form). Definitely feeling 7 months preggo,

  11. Didn’t get as far as last time, but was did not use band for MU, just counted attempts. I got 3 UGLY MU in the first round and ZERO the second and capped after 1st attempt on third round.

    My lifts felt much better, and my bar over burpees were “fast” for me. So I will take it.

    Great work everyone.


  12. CourtnieMcKone says

    I stopped with 1 c&j left in the 2nd round. I tweaked my back on Saturday and trying to rest it before October comp.
    63#, 73#, 103# on the lifts. Plu and banded ring dips

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