Monday, 31 July 2017



Row’d Royalty 17.4+

“2K + Burpee Overs”

2000m Row

20 Burpees-Over-Rower

2000m Row

20 Burpees-Over-Rower

2000m Row

20 Burpees-Over-Rower

100m Row


For Time



Knees-to-traps – 1:30

Elevated Cat- 1:30

10 reps 2 pike/2 squats

Standing Pike – 1:30

Kneeling Achilles – 1:00/side

Butterfly – 2:00



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. I’ll be riiiight back…..

  2. Row’d Royalty
    36:12 scaled

  3. RhondaMomma says

    Row’d Royalty
    Scaled it!!

    I’m ready for a nap after that!

  4. sflynn says

    33:43, Rx
    Hated that and kinda loved that 😉

  5. White Ape says

    28:49.6 Rx
    That was exhausting. Wanted to quit up until I had 600m left. 🙂
    Great WOD to work on mental toughness. Or lack thereof.

  6. Push-up Challenge #15 ✅ (this is starting to getting tough)

    30:14.6 Rx

  7. Daniel says

    33:27.9 scaled with 15 step overs
    Was still babying my shins but Ape thinks I’m just being a baby.

  8. 35:52 Rx feels good that I made myself do that WOD.

  9. CourtnieMcKone says

    36:52 rx

    Rowing, cardio, and endurance aren’t my strengths so I really wanted to challenge myself to keep a good pace on the rowing and limit my rest during the burpees. Finally starting to feel like myself again.

  10. Home wod with my Muffin Man.
    500m row/50 sq/50 SU


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