Saturday, 22 July 2017

Sometimes I feel like I am looking in a mirror. 😉


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 35 minutes of:

Run 600m

10 Deadlifts (315/213)

Row 400m

20 Plate Push-ups*

Run 200m

30 Situps


*Rx Plate push-ups are performed by placing each hand on a separate 35# plate and the feet on a 35# plate. Place an abmat in the middle of the two hand plates. While performing push-ups, only the chest can touch the abmat. Nothing can touch the ground.



Couch Stretch – 1:30/side

Barbell Shoulder Smash – 1:30/side

Reclined Spinal Twist – 1:30/side



Post rounds and reps, and experiences to comments


  1. Disrefard last comment. Apparently I saw the WOD before it was done

  2. Muffin Man says

    I would definitely disrefard. Jimmy, I see what you did there for the caption.

  3. RhondaMomma says

    3 Rounds + 100 meters
    63# Deadlift

    Hot and steamy..that was a good one!

    Great class today! Girl Power!!

  4. allylegg says

    3 rounds and was on my way back from 4th 600 at the top of the hill at time
    180# DL

  5. 3 rounds + 200m into the 4th
    125# DL. My lower back has been lame lately so I didn’t do 70% of my 1RM.

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