Saturday, 13 May 2017

Mark calendars for May 15-19, Olympic Lifting Series at the 0845, 1200, and 1730 classes all week. Blake Barnes from Oklahoma Weightlifting Club, will be leading these classes through Clean & Jerk drills/work and Snatch drills/work. If you are not an MP member, but would like to join in, contact Coach Jimmy for more details.



3-person Team

16 Wall-Ball Shots (25/16) @ (10/9′)

14 Burpees

12/8 Calories Biked

10 Fat Bar Front Rack Walking Lunges (130/85)


9 rounds for time (22:00 cap)

Alternate exercises. Calories are M/F.


…Rest 8 minutes, then…


Sumo Deadlift

3-rep max





Royal Huddleston Burpee Challenge:

Day 98



Post time, max load, and experiences to comments


  1. sflynn says

    22:53, teamed with Kelsey and Jaime, 70# lunges
    SWOD: 3@185#
    Fun times!! Great team girls!

  2. Ran 6 hilly miles before class.
    I teamed with sarah and jaime but thought our time was 22:43. Regardless we did work! And those extra 3 bonus rounds were sneaky.
    I skipped SWOD.

  3. White Ape says

    Team: “Mark the Ape Boy”
    20:05 Rx

    405 – Mark
    295 – Boy Wonder (stopped due to not filling well)
    495 – Ape
    1195 – Total

  4. allylegg says

    Teamed with Rhonda! Did 6 rounds, hit time cap with 6 lunges and 50 single jump rope left (we added those at end of each round). 70# walking lunges

    SWOD: 3 @ 195#

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