Friday, 05 May 2017



3 rounds of:

30 Double Unders

6 Clean and Jerks (155/103)

9 GHD Sit-ups

12 Barbell Push-ups*


…Run 800m and rest for a total of 9 minutes, then…

3 rounds of:

12 Barbell Push-ups*

9 GHD Sit-ups

6 Clean and Jerks (155/103)

30 Double Unders


For Time

Compare to Monday, 02 May 2016

*Burpees can be substituted



Hip Capsule – 1:30/side

Prone Shoulder Flexion – 2:00

Olympic Wall Squat – 2:00


Royal Huddleston Burpee Challenge:

Day 90



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. sflynn says

    30-ish with rest
    75# C&J

    • sflynn says

      Did PU not burpees
      Also side note: was funny for me to compare my post on this one last year right after my injury. What a difference a yer can make. So happy to be pain free! 😉

  2. Mr. Such says

    3 rounds: 6:52 Rx
    After 800m run: 11:41
    Total: 28:21 Rx

    Awesome weather! Every round was different order wise.
    Achilles is still not where it needs to be. Ran slow.
    Next time, do not workout on platform near GHD. Moved bar everywhere.
    A lot of wasted time but it was such a nice day. ☀️
    Great group today. Solid coaching Jana.

  3. Daniel says

    12:47 1-3 with 3 to 1 singles and 135#
    18:21 after 800m run
    Start 4-6 at 21:47
    34:27 3-6 reduced wt to 115#

  4. Manny says

    CWOD: 26:09 Modified
    30 Singles instead of DUs
    6 HSPUs instead of C&Js

    Ankle felt good with the little SU hops and on the hill.

    Finished first part at 8:00,
    Returned from run at 13:05,
    Total time: 26:09

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