Wednesday, 15 March 2017

And the winner is…Bradley!




“Fight Gone Bad”

Row (calories)

Wall-Ball Shots (20/14) @ (10/9′)

Sumo Deadlift High-Pull (75/50)

Box Jumps (20″)

Push Press (75/50)


3 rounds for score

Compare to Wednesday, 01 August 2012

Perform as many reps as possible in one minute at each station, then rotate to next station. No rest between stations. One round is 5 stations in 5 minutes. Rest one minute between rounds, repeat for two more rounds (17 minutes total). Total all reps and calories for score.


…rest 10 minutes, then…


Speed/Skill Work:

Partner up, and perform:

Tabata Assault Bike

8 rounds of 20 sec on/10 sec rest*

For total calories

*Partners rotate during 10 sec rest. Each partner performs 4 rounds.



Plantar Surface Mobilization – 1:30/foot

Side Straddle – 1:30/side

Banded Bully – 1:30/arm


Royal Huddleston Burpee Challenge:

Day 39



Post score and experiences to comments


  1. schumer says

    230 Rx

    85 w/Doug

  2. Very well deserved Bradley! I love this pic. 🙂

  3. FGB 232 (same as 2012)
    43# PP & SDHP (7# lighter than in 2012)
    20″ box jumps
    10# WBS (2# heavier than in 2012)

  4. CWOD: 259 Rx

    No idea on calories biked with Katie. By that time my main focus was not dying.

  5. Christa says

    CWOD: 231 RX
    Bike: partnered with Brian 68 cal

  6. I super appreciate these Paleo meals of the day that Jimmy posts. But I find it terribly ironic that he has probably never even attempted or WANTED to make Thai Prawn and baked beef soup! LOL

    Great work everybody! #suckfest

  7. 224 rx
    97 cal, partner with Tara and Bradley

  8. Little John says

    Cwod RX 217 (90+67+60)
    Issue with setting up rower on 1st rd. Avoid next time – lost 20 sec.
    Tabata bike with Brent and Manny: 152 calories

    Ran 3mi over lunch

    • Not starting on the rower definitely cost calories. It took me about 20 seconds for it to “save to memory” and then restart it. Frustrating for sure.

  9. Bradley says


  10. Ran 4 miles this afternoon.
    FGB: 106+94+87= 287 Rx. Need to pace better next time.
    Biked with my friend Elizabeth and Kristen. I went first and we were at 74 calories at my last. One si I think that we probably ended with about 86.
    Legs are jello.

  11. 275 Rx

    Skill/Speed Work: AssaultBike
    152 calories
    Partnered with LittleJohn and Brent

  12. White Ape says

    Rnd 1: 127
    Rnd 2: 124
    Rnd 3: 122
    Total: 373 Rx
    15 rep PR!

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