Thursday, 01 December 2016






Competitors Class:


Competitors class is for those members that want to take their CrossFit to the next level. All MP members are welcome to join this class. WOD’s for this class will not be posted on the website the night before. When coming to this class, you will be expected to have a basic knowledge of all CrossFit movements. Ideally, you are familiar with and can be responsible for your own scaling, if necessary. Those that chose to attend this class, please come prepared for any movement/exercise that can be found in CrossFit. There will be brief warm-up instruction, but basic knowledge is the responsibility of the athlete. Attendees will be encouraged to FULLY participate in whatever is programmed. This class is fast paced, demanding, and challenging. You will experience both success and frustration; but your skill level, strength, speed, etc will grow exponentially!


Choose a sport: Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Perform 8-12 rounds of:

60 seconds on, 90 seconds off




Couch Stretch – 1:30/side

Sink Mobilization – 2:00

Posterior Chain Floss – 1:30/leg

Elevated Cat – 2:00



Post rounds and distance covered, and experiences to comments



  1. Hey! Did you guys notice you got photobombed twice in this pic?? Also you all look awesome!

  2. White Ape says

    WOD 1:
    “Jammy” – 145 reps (6rds +25m) Rx

    WOD 2:
    3 @ 365#

    WOD 3:
    “Jammy” – 6:56 Rx

    WOD 5:
    Goat Rider/Manny/Such/Ape
    16:27 some Rx, some modified the ring MU’s

    Good class! Strong work!

  3. See above for the deets.

    3 @ 183# (89%)

    WOD 5: worked MU progression

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