Thursday, 27 October 2016





Competitors Class:


Competitors class is for those members that want to take their CrossFit to the next level. All MP members are welcome to join this class. WOD’s for this class will not be posted on the website the night before. When coming to this class, you will be expected to have a basic knowledge of all CrossFit movements. Ideally, you are familiar with and can be responsible for your own scaling, if necessary. Those that chose to attend this class, please come prepared for any movement/exercise that can be found in CrossFit. There will be brief warm-up instruction, but basic knowledge is the responsibility of the athlete. Attendees will be encouraged to FULLY participate in whatever is programmed. This class is fast paced, demanding, and challenging. You will experience both success and frustration; but your skill level, strength, speed, etc will grow exponentially!


Choose a sport:

Run: 200m Sprint, 2:00 rest – 8 rounds

Row: 250m Sprint, 2:00 rest – 8 rounds

Bike: 600m Sprint, 2:00 rest – 8 rounds

Swim: 50m Sprint, 2:00 rest – 8 rounds



Knees to Traps – 1:30

Elevated Cat – 1:30

2 Pike/2 Squat – 10 reps

Standing Pike – 1:30

Kneeling Achilles – 1:30/side

Butterfly – 1:30



Post total sprint time and experiences to comments



  1. I guess Jimmy is inferring that Such is “resting” in this picture… 😉

  2. White Ape says

    Well yeah. He was doing “pause squats”, aka “resting” at the bottom. 🙂

  3. WOD 1: 3 rounds, then continued doing work till cap
    1 PLU + 1 Ring Dip for each Muscle Up

    LAP 1: 52 secs
    LAP 2: 51
    LAP 3: 53
    LAP 4: 54
    3:31 Total

    WOD 3: Completed 9 rounds. Was able to get up to 8 DUs unbroken and in a WOD. In 10th round I kept tripping up.

  4. WOD 1: ended up just being MU and snatch practice.
    WOD 2: Team Speedy Pinkimal. 5:39 total, relay distance was 1.5miles according to my watch.
    WOD 3: 19+34. Tried the “Tara method” and went super slow in the beginning to keep my HR down. It made a huge difference and allowed me to nearly finish my 20th round. Was deep in the pain cave those last two rounds.

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