Monday, 24 October 2016


No 0845 class this week. All other classes will meet at normal times. Sorry for any inconvenience.



Front Squats

5 x 5 @ 75%, 80, 82.5, 85, 87.5%


2 x 3 Pause Squats @ 82.5%


For Quality



Exactly 3:00 after completion of SWOD, perform:

300m Run

25 Sit-ups

20 Shoulder Touches

15 Alternating Hand Raising Push-ups

10 Pistols

5 Muscle-ups


2 rounds for time

Compare to Tuesday, 27 October 2015



20 Side Leg Swings each leg

Hip Capsule – 2:00/side

Anterior Compartment Smash – 2:00/side

Hold Pancake Split – 2:00



Post loads, time, and experiences to comments


  1. darrenandtara says

    SWOD worked up to 235 before knee said stop. Better than last week.

    CWOD. Did it. Mod city.

  2. Wedding Wod at CrossFit ETA

  3. SWOD: a bunch of heavy front squats
    145, 155, 160, 165, 165
    2-2-2 3 sec pause
    155, 135, 135

    10:15 rx

  4. Mr. Such says

    Front squat: 5×5 @ 215/235/235/240/250
    Pause Front Squat: 3×2 @ 235

    CWOD: Did one round scaled.
    Wall facing shoulder touches
    Pistols on box

    Loved the strength portion. Would like to see more of that.

  5. Muffin Man says

    SWOD: what everyone else said. 5@245/255/260 Did a set of 2&3 at 270 (bar was on my necklace which was digging into my collarbone. Then a set of 2@280.

    2-2-2 Pause Front Squats at 260#. 3 second pause at bottom. Lifted with Rev and Such.

    CWOD: 1 round. Mod shoulder touches facing wall. 6:18. Legs were verrry tired from front squats. Good program though!

  6. CourtnieMcKone says

    I did what I could. I lifted until I felt like I was about to birth Saywer right there on the wood platform

    Hanging knee raises, Shoulder touches facing wall, pistols on 16 inch box, 1 to 1 plu & banded dips

    Not sure how much longer I can keep running unless we get porta pottys down the hill for potty breaks

  7. SWOD: worked up to 133 and did pairs squats at 123. That was a lot of squats for having not done them in forever.
    CWOD: 18:14. MUCH better than when we did this a couple weeks ago. Mod: jumping muscle ups on 30″ box. Shoulder popped out again on shoulder touches-so that was fun.

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