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Battle at the Ballpark 2016 WODs 5 & 6

4-person team WOD (2M/2F)

“The Double Switch” (scaled version)

M/F pair one completes the following, in order:

30 Calories Rowed

40 Wall-Ball Shots (14/10) at 10′

50 Pull-ups

50 Box Overs (20″)

40 Front Squats (95/65)

30 Calories on Assault Bike


M/F pair 2 complete the following, in order:

30 Calories on the Assault Bike

40 Front Squats (95/65)

50 Box Overs (20″)

50 Pull-ups

40 Wall-Ball Shots (14/10) at 10′

30 Calories Rowed


For Time

(12:00 cap)

Teams work simultaneously. There is only one set of equipment for each exercise for both teams to share. If teams meet at a station, the team there first must finish before second team can move on. No skipping stations. Must complete in order.


…rest 8 minutes, then…



Find 1-rep max team total of:

Power Clean to Hang Squat Clean to Overhead series


Only 2 bars per team. Only one bar moving at a time. All team members must have a successful series for team score to count.



From the Mobility WOD posters:

Pick one Pressing

Pick two Squatting

Pick one Front Rack

If choice is a unilateral stretch, perform 1:30/side. If it is a bilateral stretch, perform for 2:00



Post team, time, load, and experiences to comments


  1. 3 person team with Christine and Barry


  2. 3 person team with Kpop and Patrice
    Lacked 10cal on air bike at 12min cap, banded PLU, scaled Rx for everything else. I stepped up in the box jumps but Coach said that was still considered scaled Rx
    SWOD: 100# for me and 80# for Kpop, can’t remember what Patrice got

    Fun times during our all girls WOD!

  3. CWOD: 10:47, BUT after we finished Gene and I realized we only completed 20 total FSQs instead of 20 FSQs each… Oops.

    Gene 93 lbs
    Manny 175 lbs
    Burris 210 lbs
    Dave 205 lbs
    Team Total: 683 lbs

  4. David Duvall says

    11:58 timed part

    120 PR

  5. Muffin Man says

    8:08 Rx w/ Kelsey. Such and Jaime were 9:00. I lifted 185. My shoulders were quite achy after the past few days. Weight felt heavy.

  6. 2 person with David
    11:58 rx

  7. CWOD:
    Team: Masters of the Ape
    Darren, Tara, Kirsten, and me
    Tarren – 8:21 Rx
    Kirmy – 8:45 Rx

    T: 125 (130 after cap)
    K: 108 (I think)
    D: 185
    J: 260
    Total: 578

  8. 8:08 Rx with Grant. Felt like our programming worked well for the most part.
    128# clean series, 3# PR. Felt like I could do more but decided to stop.

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