Wednesday, 07 September 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 090716

On next Saturday, 10 September 2016, MP will be hosting an event to support Autism. To participate, please visit the following to sign-up.

Lift Up Autism



Partner WOD

“When the Fat Lady Sings”

30 Plate-Facing Burpees

…rest 2 minutes

40 Box Jumps (24/20″)

30 Fat Bar Power Cleans (110/70)

4 x 150m Sprints

30 Fat Bar Deadlifts (200/130)

40 GHD Sit-ups

…rest 3 minutes*, then…

30 Overhead Squats (95/65)


For Time

*During the 3 minute rest, partner teams will move to their designated OHS platform, where 2 empty bars if team is co-ed and 1 if same gender, will be waiting with needed weights. Athletes will then load bar(s), and then begin lifting once 3 minute period has elapsed.

One partner working at a time. Equal work required.



Rocking Table – 1:00

Twisting Ape – 1:00

20 Straight Calf Raises

Elevated Seiza – 1:00

10 Side-to-Side Squats

Standing Pancake Stretch – 1:00


2 rounds for quality



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. Partner with Jeff 27:16 scaled
    90# fat bar clean
    180# fat bar deadlift
    75# OHS

  2. Muffin Man says

    CWOD: 25:32 Rx with Manny. That “bonus” round was a dirty trick.

  3. White Ape says

    Team “Jammy”
    24:12 Rx – 2 rounds

    That was rough!! We had a few snafus on round 1 with doing 10 box jumps too many, which caused us to be second to the fat bars, meaning they weren’t available for PC. So then we turned to do DL’s, but they were being used, so we did the sprints. But then we had to build DL bars with the the PC bars bc DL’s were still being used. After finishing round 1, all went pretty smooth, just a little slower. 😉 strong work partna’!

    • I am not sure how many box jumps we did. We were going off my count. Lol so that was pretty bad. We could have done 23 we could have done 33 anybody’s guess! We did work and it was fun!

  4. I shadowed The Such’s and did the WOD Rx. Bonus round =dirty. Don’t have our times.
    Had to do K2E for two sets of GHDs because they were taken, but on the positive side I was able to connect and do kipping K2E for the first time ever!

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