Tuesday, 09 August 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 080916

Attention all MP’ers. It is time for a new shirt! So MPCF is having a T-shirt design competition. If you would like to enter a design idea, please turn in a hard copy (digital drawing, professional artwork, or just your freehand on a sheet of paper) by end of class Saturday, 13 August. Winner gets a free shirt when they are produced.



“3-2-1” (revised)

As a 3-person team, perform equal work for time of:

Row 4500m

…rest 2 minutes, then…

Partner up, and then perform 4 rounds for time, alternating exercises, of:

300m Run

15 GHD Sit-ups

15 Ring Dips

…rest 2 minutes, then…

As individuals, perform 4 rounds for time of:

40 Double Unders

10 Burpees


For Time

Compare to Friday, 25 March 2016



Supine Shoulder Extension – 1:00

5 Supine Shoulder Hand Walks

Seal Stretch – 1:00

10 Two Pike/Two Squat

Standing Pike – 1:00

10 Side-to-Side Squats

Frog Split – 1:00/side



Post times and experiences to comments


  1. CWOD:
    Part 1: 17:24.2 4500m row with Manny and D
    Part 2: 9:13 with Grant, Rx for him, purple banded dips for me
    Part 3: 7:05 Rx
    Total Clock time 36:19
    Not positive on breakdown of times on part 2 and 3.

  2. Worked hard and lifted stuff

  3. Muffin Man says

    Row: 16:43 ish? With Team Dennis
    WOD 2: unsure on time, see Pinky’s post
    WOD 3: unsure on time. Was rough. No real time to take a breath. Good to push the lungs though!

  4. White Ape says

    Rowed the 4500m with Susan and Vernice at 0630
    Did a mini version with Jana, Jaime, and Doug @ 1600
    Then we did a lot of lifting:
    Power Clean 7×2, 155-230#
    Clean Pulls 3×3, 275-345#
    Push Press 5×3, 155-205#
    Front Squat 6×3, 215-335#

  5. CWOD:
    Part 1: 17:24.2 w/ Kelsey and Darren
    Part 2: 28: 34 w/ Darren, I used red band for dips on 1 set and Rx on the second.
    Part 3: 37:23, 80 SUs instead of doubles

    I’m like 90% sure on the time for part 2 & 60% sure for the time on part 3….

  6. darrenandtara says

    Wod 1. Took a phone call
    Wod 2. Shadowed Manny and D.
    Wod 3. 5:42. Maybe.

    Wod 1 & 2. See above.
    Wod 3. Started early for some reason. Finished eventually.

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