Tuesday, 05 July 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 070516

Skate park crew!


Conditioning 1:

Choose a option:

Solo – 1500m Row

Partner – 2400m Row

3-Person – 3000m Row


For Time



Split Jerk

5 x 3

(60-70-75-80-85% 1RM)


For Quality


Conditioning 2:

100m Run

7 Front Squats (155/103)

4 Muscle-ups


4 rounds for time



Anterior Compartment Smash – 1:30/side

Quad Smash – 1:30/leg

Sink Mobilization – 2:00

Eye of the Needle – 1:30/side



Post times, load, and experiences to comments


  1. sflynn says

    1500m row: 6:10.7
    CWOD: 8:05, lacked 5 reps at cap

  2. 1500 row 6:35.4

    Welcome Sara and Rhonda to the TU 0630 class!

    Hey Vernice, where were you???

  3. CWOD1: 3000m row in 10:22.3 (3-man team)

    SWOD: Worked up to 125 lbs (80%), did some extra reps at lower weight and tried to focus on form. Legs in correct position and pushing the bar up.

    CWOD2: Hit the time cap, was totally gassed.
    2 dips away from finishing round 3.
    Pull-ups (6) and Ring Dips (6) instead of muscle-ups (4)

  4. rowed w Becky and Tara. Lifted things and got all sweaty! And worked on muscle ups!

  5. darrenandtara says

    Row Wod see above.
    Swod. Up to 103.
    CWod. Short last round of MU at cap. 93# and red band MU.

    Row. 2 man team with Daniel. 9:02.9.
    Swod. Up to 195#. Need to push under the bar better and not mute the hips.
    CWod. 7:06. Rx. Went unbroken all 4 rounds which is a first on 4×4 mu’s.
    Post Wod. Successful parallette to half handstand to sorta backbend… Rx.

  6. White Ape says

    CWOD 1:
    8:55.3 team “Jammy”

    Snatch work 7×2 up to 85% (185)
    Snatch Pulls 3×3 up to 110% (235)
    Split Jerk 5×3 up to 85% (245)
    Back Squats 5×5, last three set at 85% (345)

    I am exhausted!

  7. Mr. Such says

    CWOD: 8:58 W/wonder boy
    SWOD: 215×3
    CWOD: 3 reps short of time cap. Sweating out vacation.

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