Tuesday, 14 June 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 061416



21-15-9 rep rounds of:


Box Jumps (30/24″)

Plate Push-ups*

Calories Rowed


For Time

*Place each hand and feet on 45# bumper plates. Place an abmat between the ones for the hands. Chest must touch abmat each rep.



Clean Pulls

3-rep max


Flexibility/yoga poses:

Thread the Needle – 1:30/side

Twisted Monkey – 1:30/side

Pigeon – 1:30/side

Reclined Spinal Twist – 1:30/side



Post time, load, and experiences to comments


  1. Daniel says

    CWOD 11:16 24″ box jump
    SWOD Clean pull 195#
    Once again, need to utilize more hip drive

  2. sflynn says

    11:54, highly modified
    Worked heavy OHS, Jerk, and FS after

  3. Muffin Man says

    CWOD: 8:52 Rx
    SWOD: worked form to 255# – feeling better

    SWOD: worked BSQ with BW and Such

  4. darrenandtara says

    CWod 11:38. Rx
    Swod. Worked up to 120%

    CWod. 10:22 Rx
    Swod. Tried to break bad habits. List is long.

  5. White Ape says

    8:23 Rx

    I worked extra lifting today, only worked up to 95%, 295#, on the Clean Pulls.

  6. CWOD: 12:54
    PLUs with red band, then blue, then red and blue…

    SWOD: 195 lbs (115%)

  7. CWOD: 11:48Rx (I think)
    Then: lifted lots of stuff w Ape, Janimal and Flying Flynn.

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