Thursday, 02 June 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 060216


Rest Day



Competitors Class


Competitors class is for those members that want to take their CrossFit to the next level. All MP members are welcome to join this class. WOD’s for this class will not be posted on the website the night before. When coming to this class, you will be expected to have a basic knowledge of all CrossFit movements. Ideally, you are familiar with and can be responsible for your own scaling, if necessary. Those that chose to attend this class, please come prepared for any movement/exercise that can be found in CrossFit. There will be brief warm-up instruction, but basic knowledge is the responsibility of the athlete. Attendees will be encouraged to FULLY participate in whatever is programmed. This class is fast paced, demanding, and challenging. You will experience both success and frustration; but your skill level, strength, speed, etc will grow exponentially!




Choose a sport:

Run: 200m, rest 2 minutes; 300m, rest 3 minutes; 400m, rest 4 minutes   2 rounds

Row: 250m, rest 2 minutes; 375m, rest 3 minutes; 500m, rest 4 minutes   2 rounds

Bike: 800m, rest 2 minutes; 1200m, rest 3 minutes; 1600m, rest 4 minutes  2 rounds

Swim: 50m, rest 2 minutes: 75m, rest 3 minutes; 100m, rest 4 minutes  2 rounds



Post sprint time and experiences to comments


  1. Tied the board with 108# Sasquatch
    11:03 With pinky on WOD 3 purple band ring dips for me burpees for pinky.

  2. WOD: 1
    15:40 rx
    it was good to do a wod with some heavy Snatch, forced a focus on form to complete the WOD

    WOD 2: worked MU’s boooo chicken wing…BOOOOO more work to do! 🙁

    WOD 3: Jammy-Goat 8:23 rx

    great group tonight. love the support on the comp classes!

  3. CourtnieSmith says

    WOD 1:
    12:41, 45-80#

    WOD 2:
    Worked 1rm snatch. 105#, 20# pr

    WOD 3:
    12:17 with Sarah. She modified PLU with 2 red bands and I modified PLU with push-ups.

  4. 3.5 mile run at lunch
    WOD 1: 16:42, started 52# ended 92#.
    WOD 2: worked on jumping MUs. Feeling better. Need to focus on a big jump and no crazy legs.
    WOD 3: team Pinkzilla, 11:03 Rx with burpees for me, purple banded dips for Jaime.
    Burpees to be burpee current
    Day 1 of 22- 22 push-up challenge

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