Saturday, 14 May 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 051416

Me with”Double Trouble”. Because I am innocent. 😉

Congrats Bradley and Courtnie McKone!!




“Double Trouble”

(Partners A / B)

200m Run / Max rep Thrusters (95/65)

20 Partner Push-ups

30 Pull-ups / Max Calories Rowed

30 Wall-Ball Sit-up Throws @ 5m (20/14)

200 Speed Skips / Max rep Handstand Push-ups

40m Partner Carry


2 rounds for time

Compare to Monday,04 March 2013


Partner B executes max reps while A is performing their specified amount. The “Partner Carry” is 40 yards each. Now switch roles and finish round one. After doing round one, switch roles again and repeat process to complete the second round.



Rest 5-minutes from CWOD completion. Then with a 15-minute cap, one partner find 1-rep max snatch, and the other partner find 1-rep max clean. Each with their own bar, but only one lifting at a time.


For Score (total team weight)




Post time, total team reps on “max rep” exercises, and team score to comments


  1. sflynn says

    Great pic! Fun times last night!
    This looks like a good WOD to burn off that beer and BBQ!! 😉

    • sflynn says

      Lol, that time halfway through rnd 2 when Coach says “Just kidding, it’s actually 4 rnds!”
      Guess he thought we needed to burn off more beer and BBQ.
      Took Katie and I 40:17 modified.
      Fun WOD and Sat crowd today!

  2. Daniel says

    CWOD 29:00 4 rds
    85# thruster 23
    16 cals rowed
    27 hspu
    SWOD 145# clean 1 rep
    Legs were shot

  3. The wedding was sweet and fun!
    Team pinkzila 36:33 Rx 152 reps
    (pinky “only” ran 10.5 miles pre-WOD)

  4. darrenandtara says

    Team Super Stretchy Muffs.
    Time was 31:04. RX. No idea on the reps.
    Remember kids, friends don’t let friends pick out WOD’s while drinking.

  5. White Ape says

    Team “Jammy”
    27:37 Rx
    211 reps

    Janimal’s reps 97…
    17, 15, 22 – rd 1
    18, 10, 15 – rd 4
    We made a rotational error, which caused me to go back to back “max rep” rds. That SUCKED!!

    Jimmy’s reps 114…
    21, 18, 20 – rd 2
    20, 17, 18 – rd 3

    Super tiring WOD! Great time and super fun group!

    • Even with a few time consuming set backs we still did WORK…..I am happy to have figured out the “ramp” when doing heavy sit up throws with you…may have saved my life….and the back to back on the PLU was no fun either!!

      Great work everybody!

  6. darrenandtara says

    Crossfit Nivelles
    SWOD: 5 RM Front Squat
    Worked up to 50 kilos and ran out of time.
    CWOD: Version of Regionals event 2
    Set up completion style and we judged each other
    21 Thrusters
    3 leg less rope climbs
    15 Thrusters
    2 leg less rope climbs
    9 Thrusters
    1 leg less rope climb
    Completed in 6:00 (used legs on rope climb and 25 kilos)
    Successful in warm up with leg less climbs.
    The class was in French and my partner did not speak much English. I thought she hated me until I was getting ready to leave and she ran over and hugged me goodbye. Crazy Belgiums. Great experience.

    • darrenandtara says

      Should say competition….and I am Burpee current!
      Ready to be back at MP! Miss you guys.

      • We miss you too mama! Please, French, Kilos, legless rope climbs….they would have kicked me out before the WOD even started! Conversions and no legs is hard…#merica

    • sflynn says

      Did you learn how to say “Speedy” in French?
      Sounds like an awesome experience!
      Excited to have you back next week T!

  7. Saturday:
    10.5 miles up to Turkey Mountain and back down before class
    36:33/152 reps Rx team Pinkzilla. When Jaime told me at the end of round 2 that we actually had to do 4 rounds, I almost walked out of the gym to never come back.

    Sunday: 26.7 mile bike ride in 2:04 with Hauger, Coach, and Sarah. Legs were tired, and I just flat couldn’t keep up. Had my “Jaime cry face” in full force after being a half mile behind and literally going so slow up turkey mountain that I was almost at a stop. Not pretty.

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