Friday, 01 April 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 040116



Run 600m, 400m, 200m, 400m, 600m*

20m Overhead Walking Lunges (45/35), 55+(35/25)

30 Slammers (12/8) 55+(10/6) @ 2m

10 Pull-ups

30 Double Unders

20 Wall-Ball Push-ups**


5 rounds for time

*On round 1, run 600m; on round 2 run 400m; on round 3, run 200; and so on.

**Use a heavy ball as to not crush the ball. Burpees can be substituted here.



Banded overhead distraction – 1:30/side

Spine smash – 2:00

Couch stretch -1:30/side



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. schumer says

    3 rds
    (not my best)

  2. sflynn says

    That time I did 114 burpees on day 55 of the Royal Challenge.
    Yea, that’s all I have to say about that.
    Good times.

  3. RhondaG says

    40:53 MOD
    15 lb Walking Lunges

  4. Muffin Man says

    34:41 Rx


  5. Hit the cap at last rep of last set of slammers

    Finished the rest in 42 something.
    Good job to momma Christa on finishing the WOD.

    • Christa says

      If someone had not been in my way at the end I probably would have set some sort of record. 😉 lol
      No really…thanks for the encouragement!

  6. ran the 1mile MP course
    6 x 200m sprints…. rest 30 sec between

    4×4 OHS at 85%

  7. 45:37 Rx. Did some wall ball push-ups and some Burpees. I have a feeling I’ll be regretting those overhead walking lunges in the CrossFit 5K competition tomorrow…

  8. Christa says

    46:08 so many mods…rowing, 10# OH lunges, knee raises, banded PLU, PU on knees. When I showed up, I planned on only completing 3 rounds, so super happy I finished the complete WOD. Good Luck to Kelsey and Grant tomorrow!!

  9. Daniel says

    Stopped at the 40:00 cap
    Was about 15m into lunges, started with 45# for 2 rounds and switched to 35# last 3 rds

  10. darrenandtara says

    39:26 Rx
    10 Burpees x 4 Rds for wall ball PUs.

  11. CourtnieSmith says

    I got a massage today. 60 minutes rx

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