Wednesday, 23 March 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 032316



Overhead Squat


@ 55-60-65-70-75% 1RM


For Quality



Death by Kettle-Burpees

On the command “Go”, perform one Kettlebell Swing (53/35), followed by one Burpee. Continue adding one of each every minute, until failure to complete within the minute.


For Score



Couch Stretch – 1:30/side

Banded Bully – 1:30/side

Lateral Opener – 1:30/side


Royal Huddleston Burpee Challenge:

Day 46



Post load, score, and experiences to comments


  1. darrenandtara says

    Grumpy cat will be my icon until this blasted burpee challenge ends!!!

  2. PLU used red and purple band
    SWOD: worked up to 80#
    CWOD: 130 Rx

  3. Bradley says

    127 rx

  4. CWOD 95 45# kb

  5. Skills WOD: went to red band after 1.5 rounds
    SWOD: 3@88#
    CWOD: 131 Rx. Mimicked Speedy, the patron Queen of the EMOM and did much better by going slowly.
    Welcome back, Christa!

  6. Ran LaFortune…Then:

    Well after I got the “true” definition of a “strict” PLU that pretty much killed my mojo…I squirm too much for this definition SOOOOO…
    skills wod:
    3.5 rds rx
    1.5 rds purple band
    2 rds two purple bands

    3 @ 108# 75%

    43# KB got through rd 10 missed 11

  7. Muffin Man says

    Skill: 5 rounds of dead hang, strict C2B
    SWOD: 3@145# (75%)
    CWOD: 101 Reps Rx+ (2 pood KB). Collapsed after burpee 46 (into 10th round). My body couldn’t do another burpee. 🙂

  8. darrenandtara says

    2.5 Rds Rx
    1.5 Rds purple
    3 Rds red
    SWOD: 3X 75# (65%) ran out of time
    CWOD: 175 Rx

  9. darrenandtara says

    Swod Worked up to 150#. Just over 75% Tried to hold the pause for 3 sec at the bottom and stay in the heels. Still needs work but better.

    Didn’t do 1 burpee today. Felt good about it. Great to see Christa back today! Take care of that pea pod!

  10. White Ape says

    Did pause OHS
    Worked up to 205

    Wasn’t planning on doing it.
    Completed 11th round with 11 seconds left. Chose to stop because I was already 46 burpees over my daily need for the RHBC! I hate wasting burpees.

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