Saturday, 02 January 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 010216




500m Row

10 Deadlifts (245/165)

20 Overhead Squats (65/45)

20 Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)

10 Handstand Push-ups


5 rounds for time

Compare to Wednesday, 31 December 2014



Spine Smash – 2:00

Anterior Compartment Smash – 1:30/side

Quad Smash – 1:30/side



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. 33:20rx
    I.would like to thank my sponsors “Perfect Vodka” for their support on this WOD

  2. 8 mile hill run before Crossfit
    CWOD: 50:06. Mod: DL@100#- went slow and tried to focus on form, although apparently my form still sucked. Did two 400m runs because rowers were taken. HSPU = Strugglefest 2016…

    Doing a hill run before class was not my smartest idea ever.

  3. CourtnieSmith says

    Modified deadlifts @ 133#
    Hspu w/2 ab mats

  4. Muffin Man says

    CWOD: 39:37 Rx

    I would like to thank my sponsors, Appleton Rum, for their support on this wod!

  5. darrenandtara says

    T. 43:37. Rx
    D. 40.26. Rx.

    Both times were slower than last year, but added the Rx factor.

    I have so many sponsors that helped me this weekend I should wear a NASCAR jumpsuit.

  6. 42:33
    Mod HSPU 30″ box.

  7. 40:41, Rx weight, HSPU w/ 2 ab mats
    This may be the hardest workout I’ve ever done!!
    Loved it!!

  8. White Ape says

    32:50 Rx
    Didn’t post last year, but it was a 1:16 PR from December 2013!

    Great class today! Congrats on all the improvements over this past year. Here’s to a great new year!!!

  9. 38:28 lots of mods. Feels like I’m never going to get off the mod squad

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