Wednesday, 02 December 2015

MP CrossFit Tulsa 120215



1-rep max


For max load

Compare to Monday, 10 August 2015



3-person team WOD

Perform as many reps as possible in 8 minutes, alternating exercises, of:

4 Kettlebell Swings (70/45)

8 GHD Sit-ups

12 Calories Rowed

24 Single Unders


…rest 3 minutes…


Perform as many reps as possible in 5 minutes, alternating exercises, of:

3Β Handstand Push-ups

6 Alternating Pistols

9 Ring Push-ups

18 Speed Skips


…rest 2 minutes…


Perform as many reps as possible in 3 minutes:



For Total Score



Couch Stretch – 1:30/side

Lateral Opener – 1:30/side

Recline Spinal Twist – 1:30/side



Post max load, score, and experiences to comments


  1. You are insane if you think doing a 1 rep DL today
    You are in.TIME OUT!

  2. SWOD:
    305# 1 RM DL

    not sure on score
    w/Robert, Barry, Chad

  3. Balboa60 says

    355# (5# PR) πŸ™‚

    Total Score of 342 – w/ Mr. Nick and Mean Gene
    *I had to mod on the following:
    -HSPU (getting much better on these)
    -Pistols (20″ box)

  4. SWOD: 208#, 33# PR…happy to break 200#!
    CWOD: score 409 w/ Jamie and Katie; my mods: pistols on 16″ box, HSPU w/ 1 ab mat & towel

    Very fun class today!!

  5. SWOD: 90# shoulder press. Same as last 1RM.
    CWOD: partnered with Tara and Christa.
    Part one: 4+23. Christa modified with 35 pound kettlebell.
    Part 2: 4+9. Christa modified handstand push-ups on the box and pistols.
    I had to leave and miss out on Burpees.

  6. Muffin Man says

    SWOD: 465# (40# PR)
    CWOD: 648 with Super Stretch and John Boone

  7. White Ape says

    505 lbs
    10# drop. πŸ™
    So glad when this marathon training and race are done!! I can get back to focusing on lifts!!

    Was a shadow for a group at 0845. I think their score was 515.

  8. White Ape says

    Congrats to all the PR’s today!!

  9. darrenandtara says

    Swod – 218. 15# PR.
    Cwod What Pinky said with 78 burpees with Christa and Jeff.

    Swod – 335#. +10 overall, +35 recent Pr.

    What MM said.

  10. 225# DL. PR

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