Saturday, 28 November 2015

MP CrossFit Tulsa 112815



Front Squats

5   reps @ 60% 1RM

3   reps @ 70%

1+ reps @ 80%


For max reps at 80%



15-12-9 rep rounds of:

Shoulder-2-Overhead (135/93)


GHD Sit-ups


For Time



Barbell Shoulder Smash – 2:00/side

Barbell Biceps Smash – 1:30/arm

Reclined Spinal Twist – 2:00/side



Post load and reps, time, and experiences to comments


  1. Muffin Man says

    Someone played a nasty trick on us. No front squats for the SWOD but instead we did snatch work.

    SWOD: Snatch: 4-4-4-4 @ 75% (125#) for me. Felt sluggish and just wasn’t in the right mindset.
    CWOD: 19:22 Rx. Same as above on sluggish and mindset.

  2. White Ape says

    Agreed Muffin Man, mindset never set right. Just worked on form.

    15:16 Rx
    That was a lot of muscle-ups. Got a “almost” rip from grabbing to high on the bar on the last 5 reps. Didn’t break skin, until I drained it.

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