Monday, 31 August 2015

MP CrossFit Tulsa 083115

Plates got a face-lift! 🙂



Clean and Jerk

1-rep max

Compare to Friday, 10 April 2015



“Move that body”

36 Double Unders

18 Toes-2-Bar

9 Burpees

6 Strict Handstand Push-ups

3 Muscle-ups

Run 150m


3 rounds for time



10 Sit-ups to Straddle

Right Side Straddle – 2:00

Left Side Straddle – 2:00

Middle Straddle – 2:00



Post max load, time, and experiences to comments


  1. SWOD:
    205# PR


  2. 91# clean PR

    100m short in the 3rd run at time cap. Modified

  3. SWOD: 82.5# (PR)
    CWOD: 17:22 for 3 rounds; HSPU are impossible for me right now.

    Thanks for letting me finish Jimmy….I need the practice!

  4. Muffin Man says

    SWOD: 215# (10# PR)
    CWOD: Cap – 15:12 mod strict HSPU with a towel

  5. White Ape says

    Not a PR, but only 5 lbs off my PR. Trying to get back to heavy lifts.

    Rested. WOD’d hard last week after comp, Tuesday-Saturday. Needed some rest. Trying to learn to listen to my body.

  6. White Ape says

    Good PR’s today!!

  7. SWOD: 125# (2# PR). Attempted 130, but something popped in my previously torn hamstring and sent me to the ground. Note to self: it is dumb to try and PR two days after your first competition…
    Skipped Cwod, obviously…

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