Tuesday, 12 August 2014

MP CrossFit Tulsa 081214

MP CrossFit’s very own Coach Christian, is leaving to be a college man! We have had lots of good times watching you grow up over the years. Come back soon. Stay out of trouble, be safe, and study hard. You will be missed.



20 Single Jump rope

20 Speed Skips

20 Double Unders


3 rounds for quality






21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Thrusters (95/63)



For Time




Quad Smash – 2:00/leg

Overhead T-Spine – 2:00

Couch Stretch – 2:00/leg


For Quality



Post time and experiences to comments


  1. Christian Steichen says


  2. 5:46 RX
    PR today!! 🙂

    Christian it won’t be quite the same without you kiddo! Congratulations on this new and totally awesome chapter in the life of Christian Steichen!

  3. csteichen@cox.net says

    Squat on thruster was hard on my knee!
    53# thruster
    Love these pictures! Great memories

  4. We will miss you Brother Christian!

    Come back and WOD with us!

    And when I pop into Stilly you better not be too embarassed to WOD with an ol’ lady! 🙂

  5. darrenandtara says


    6:28. Bad flexibility = Forearms on fire.

  6. Balboa60 says

    1st time to do Fran….wow! Goal was to get it under 10min (barely made it, lol)

    9:47 Rx

    Good luck to you Christian…you’re a good egg! Have fun buddy!

  7. 4:51 only 33#
    Did 22 pull-ups in a row to beat my 21 pull-up PR
    Gonna miss your smack-talking Christian!

  8. 8:25 RX

    Good Luck, Christian!

  9. darrenandtara says


    9:46. 43#. Mod half the pull-ups.

  10. White Ape says

    Re-did MFFL 1.5:
    5:33 Rx at 305
    1:25 faster than first time!!!

    We will miss you Christian. Be strong!

  11. gwilkins19 says

    There are a lot of four letter words I could say to describe Fran

    Fran: 7:42 Rx

    Christian, fill out that waiver and give it to me!

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