Saturday, 26 April 2014

MP CrossFit Tulsa 042614

Pre-WOD Run:

Run 5K

 There will be a group meeting at Lafortune Park by the swimming pool at 0745.



Strength WOD:

Sumo Deadlift



For Max Load



Conditioning WOD:

Row 750m


10 rounds of “Cindy”:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats


Row 750m


For Time



Flexibility WOD:

15 Sit-ups to pike

15 Sit-ups to Straddle


2 rounds for quality



Post runtime, max load, time,and experiences to comments


  1. Christian Steichen says


  2. Ran lafortune 29 something
    Skipped sumo DL but did WOD 19 something. Not my best showing in either but I didn’t walk at lafortune and I did all the reps.

  3. 5k at LaFortune with the crew!
    Thanks for running with me!

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