Tuesday, 22 April 2014

MP CrossFit Tulsa 042214


Skill Work:

Practice for 10:00

Tripod Tuck to Headstand

Tripod Straddle to Headstand

Tripod Pike to Headstand



Conditioning WOD:


25 Pull-ups

50 Double Unders

75 Sit-ups

100 Walking Lunges

75 Sit-ups

50 Burpees

25 Pull-ups


For Time


Post time to comments

Compare to Wednesday, 16 October 2013



Mobility WOD:

Olympic Wall Squat

Banded Overhead Distraction

Couch Stretch


Hold each stretch for 2:00, per side where applicable



Post experience and time to comments


  1. RhondaG says

    14:04 RX

  2. 22:46 Modified PU and DU

  3. schumer says

    17:08 Rx


  4. 14:59 Rx
    35 sec pr

  5. 14:41 chasing buy not catching Rhonda…she is fast….and strong…but she helped me PR…thanks Rhonda!

  6. Headstand work was fun!

    No PR for me today…

  7. Balboa60 says

    23:46 Rx

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