Saturday, 10 August 2013

MP CrossFit Tulsa 081013


3-Person Team WOD:




11 Centipede Push-ups

33 Tire Flips (180)

11 Centipede Push-ups

66 Box Overs (20″)*

11 Centipede Push-ups

99 Toes-2-Bar

11 Centipede Push-ups

66 Handstand Push-ups

11 Centipede Push-ups

33 Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups*

11 Centipede Push-ups


For Time



Post team and time to comments


*As a team of three, perform all exercises with equal work. Centipede push-ups are performed with front members feet on the shoulders/back of member behind them. Only the back member has feet on the ground. All members perform push-ups together simultaneously. For box overs, one box is to be shared with all team members. For Rx version, use a 20″ box. For Rx+, teams can use a 24 or 30″, but all members have to use the same box. For Rx version, perform C2B PLU. For Rx+ version, perform muscle-ups instead of C2B.


  1. Christian Steichen says

    21:11 and 🙂
    With Chad V, Robert, and Bradley
    Fun WOD!

  2. White Ape says

    21:42 Rx+
    Teamed with Janimal, Hannah, Becky, and me

    20″ box, Becky and I did muscle-ups.

  3. beckyedwards says

    Yay! Same as the boss says. Really fun team WOD!!

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