Wednesday, 31 July 2013

MP CrossFit Tulsa 073113

MP CrossFit is losing a great athlete and friend,

Vicky “runnergirl” Arterburn.

We will miss you! We will come crash your party sometime! 🙂


“Running Away”

10 Snatches (115/75)

200m Run

30 Kettlebell Push-ups

400m Run

50 Double Unders

600m Run

50 Sit-ups

400m Run

30m Burpee Broad Jumps

200m Run

10 Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups


For Time



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  1. schumer says

    18:23 Rx
    36 total burpees w/Chad

  2. 18:53 RX
    36 Burpees with John

  3. dscroggins says

    95lb snatch
    We are going to miss you, Vicki!

  4. We will miss you Vicky!!!

  5. Ethan Dennis says

    21:59 75# snatch

  6. White Ape says

    15:19 Rx
    Very hot!!

    Had a blast WODn with noon class!

    Vicky, we will miss you bunches!! Now I will have to hire a tour guide for our Turkey Mountain runs. 🙁

  7. Balboa60 says

    22:07 Rx
    fun WOD!!

  8. hgreen0611 says

    22:11 50# snatch modified push ups 150 singles and blue band c2b

  9. 17:33 Rx
    Hope you like snow Vicky!

  10. Robert says

    17:24 Rx

    Vicky, I consider you a great friend and training partner. I appreciate your coaching and encouragement on the Saturday runs on Turkey. I will miss you. Best wishes on your family’s new adventure.

    Oh…46 burpees with Lissette–bummed wrist and all she carried us

  11. beckyedwards says

    Rest day!

    We’ll miss you tons Vicky! I’ll never forget jumping off that huge tough mudder cliff with you! You are an awesome lady!!

  12. runnergirl says

    Geeze! I’m going to miss all of you! What a fantastic group of like minded people! Each one of you offer kindness, support, and knowledge! Love you guys! See you when I see you!
    Jimmy-thank you for helping me see the possibility in, what I thought, was impossible! Best CF coach ever!

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