Friday, 21 June 2013

“Girls Night Out, CrossFit Style” , held at CrossFit BA


Board WOD




20 Pull-ups

30 Push-ups

40 Sit-ups

50 Squats


5 rounds for time



Post time to comments

Compare to Friday, 03 July 2009


  1. dgreen says

    Note my ever so sexy wife in the stripes! Woo woo

  2. This was really fun but they don’t use mats for sit-ups and my backside hurts!

  3. RhondaG says

    34:26 RX
    Palms on wall for Sit-ups..

    Ugh..5 rounds! Yea…they’re done!!

    • RhondaG says

      Are we doing this one right ? Supposed to be a rest between rounds?

      • White Ape says

        You are correct Rhonda, there should be a 3 minute rest between rounds. That is my fault. I didnt write that down on old boards, so naturally when I made new ones, it didnt appear either. The times on the board now are with “no rest”. Classes today will perform as such. MP will redo this one in the semi-near future, but with the “precisely 3 minutes of rest”. Count yourself as Rx+!!

        Of course, I have heard somewhere that, “Rest is over-rated”. 🙂

        • RhondaG says

          OK!! Not that the rest would have helped…oh those doggone push-ups, you know!! I guess we’ll find out in the semi-near future!

          • beckyedwards says

            Or not! I’m completely fine with NEVER EVER doing this WOD again. Rest or no rest.

  4. schumer says

    38:09 Rx

    Not my best performance. Harder than it looked on paper.

  5. 27.10

    green band PLU
    unanchored SU
    knee PU

  6. Balboa60 says

    looks fun…after all, it’s not like I need to use my hands at all this weekend considering how mutilated they are going to be after this WOD! No problem….EMBRACE THE SUCK!!!

  7. 42:58 RX.

    Sucky. Its amazing how hard pushups can get.

  8. dgreen says

    42:30 Rx Bloody flappers after 2nd round!!!!

  9. Christian Steichen says


  10. beckyedwards says

    29:13 RX

    I give this one 2 thumbs down.

  11. beckyedwards says

    There were a lot of first time board WOD Rx’rs today! AWESOME JOB!!!

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