Monday, 17 June 2013

 FYI: This Thursday, June 20, CF Broken Arrow is hosting the 2nd monthly “Girl’s Night Out CrossFit Style”. This is a new event hosted by a different box each month as an opportunity for Tulsa area CF ladies to get together, bring a non-cf friend (if you want), hang out and work out. Bring your jump-rope. There are a group of ladies going from MP. Registration begins at 6:00pm. $5 fee at the door. Text Becky if you want to join. Open Gym will run as usual at the HealthZone. 


“Red Dirt Classic: Team Event 1 (Partner Version)”


Each Person Will Complete the Following:


25 Power Cleans (135/93)

25 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)

25 Box Jumps (24/20″)

25 Front Squats (135/93)


Post time to comments


*Partner A completes 25 Power Cleans then moves on to kettlebell swings. Partner B may start their 25 Power Cleans as soon as Partner A begins their kettlebell swings. You can only advance to the next movement once your partner ahead of you has completed and moved on to the next exercise.

**Each person must use the same weight for power cleans and front squats, however, the partners are not required to use the same weight. Try to pick a partner that is using a similar weight for ease of transition. ONLY ONE BAR IS ALLOWED IN EACH GROUP. If partner B needs to use a different weight, they must strip the bar down to their weight after Partner A finishes their Power Cleans. Once Partner A has completed box jumps, they must then rebuild their bar to the original weight for their Front Squats. Partner B will then rebuild the bar again once they are ready for their Front Squats.


  1. schumer says

    16:30 Rx

    w/Barry & David

    50 burpees aftetward.

  2. RhondaG says

    12:14 MOD
    63# Clean and Back Squat
    w/ Vicky and Lisette

    100 Burpees

  3. Christian Steichen says

    Got 10 Butterfly PLU today!

  4. michael2472 says

    6:41 Rx

  5. Balboa60 says

    Working on my front squat form…did a lot better today!!

  6. dgreen says

    9:45 indv. 11:40 team


  7. 16:30 RX
    with Chad

  8. Robert says

    Sore left knee so front squats a no go instead:

    AMRAP 20 minutes:

    30 double unders
    15 calories row
    10 KB swings 2 pood


  9. beckyedwards says

    8:41 rx with Jaime.

    Individual time 6:55.

  10. jboone says

    13:45 rx with Andrew

  11. says

    with Madalene
    30# cleans and front squat

  12. White Ape says

    WOD on Fort Knox:

    400m Row
    20 Hand-release PU
    10 K-2-E
    5 Pull-ups

    3 rounds for time

    14:31 Rx

  13. ErinFaith says

    12:17rx with Christian dunno individual time

  14. 16:30 Rx w/ Chad V.

    Sorry for slowing you down! 🙂

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