Thursday, 11 April 2013









Choose a sport, and perform 2 rounds of:


Run: 200m, rest 2 minutes; 300m, rest 3 minutes; 400m, rest 4 minutes

Row: 250m, rest 2 minutes; 375m, rest 3 minutes; 500m, rest 4 minutes

Bike: 800m, rest 2 minutes; 1200m, rest 3 minutes; 1600m, rest 4 minutes

Swim: 50m, rest 2 minutes: 75m, rest 3 minutes; 100m, rest 4 minutes



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  1. Love this photo. I think it says it all.
    did rowing CFE and it was more tiring than I thought it would be
    4:25 on round 1
    4:33 on round 2

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