Wednesday, 10 April 2013


“Deck of Cards”…Partner Style


: Speed Skips

♠: Partner Pistols

: Partner Wall-ball Throws @ 5 meters (12/8)

♣: Partner Push-ups

Jokers: team 1000m row

All Face cards: 20 meters buddy carry, except K & Q of are 40 meters



All numbered ‘s, add a zero to the end, and as a team equally perform that amount. Ace of ♥ is worth 100 Double Unders (50 each).

All numbered ♠’s, partners face each other link together and perform that number of pistols together. Ace of ♠ is worth 50 Burpees (25 each).

All numbered ‘s, partners perform double the number in WB throws, i.e. 2 of ♦ is 4 team throws. Ace of ♦ is worth 50 throws (25 each).

All numbered ♣’s, partners perform that many PU each, with legs elevated on partner’s back. Ace of ♣ is worth 50 Handstand Push-ups (25 each).

All Face cards of all suits, partners alternate and carry partner for 20m. Only one partner carries per face card. Except, the K & Q of ♥ is worth 40m, 20m each.

When a joker is pulled, teams row 500 meters, switching at 250m. In a large group, pair up with another team and row 1000m.



For time and FUN



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  1. Balboa60 says

    Had to leave a little early today! Great (and fun) workout…thanks for teaming up w/ me Jimmy!

  2. White Ape says

    Did full 40 minutes with evening class.
    49 cards RX
    Partner with my Battle Buddy, Becky. Sorry your 112# had to carry my 195! Strong work little one!!

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